“God grant me the serenity to accept the person I cannot change, the
courage to change the person I can, and the wisdom to know that it’s me.”
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Many Years of Solitude

I was considering the book by a similar name, but since I haven’t read it yet and since it is such a revered work of fiction I refrain from comparing this note to that story.

I will lead a solitary life. It’s a statement. It’s been true to this point and I have no reason to believe it will be different in the future. Finding a partner to share life with doesn’t appear to be in the plans for me. There could be many reasons.

I choose poorly to begin with.

I push people away (a result of disassociation which is a side effect of child abuse)

It is easier to live solo than it is to be susceptible to heart break.

My world is getting smaller and smaller – which happens as many people age. The focus is on fewer and fewer interests.

Friends come and friends go, there are a handful who knew me as a child who remain a constant but those relationships seemed to have stagnated at a certain level. I can still call any of them up and we can pick up where we left off but they have their lives and I have mine.

Despite this there is still joy in life. Interest in the seasons, changes and new beginnings remains strong. I’m thinking about pursuing a career in oceanography. It is well with my soul.

Love you all.

Then I saw this short video.  Amen

The epitome of service.

Inheritance Disk 10

Conversation between Aria and Aragon

If I could have prevented it somehow.

Do not feel bad because of it. It is impossible to go through life unscathed, nor should you want to. By the hurts we accumulate, we measure both our follies and our accomplishments.


Madness in the world. People shooting and getting shot over trivial things. Iranian ships parked off the coast of US waters (never during any other administration, ever). Sympathetic political atmosphere. Disrespect and tragedy in the news. The world is becoming more and more polarized, pressing onward toward a massive change and no one can stop it. What are we to do? Love. Love is the only answer.

In a movie theatre one patron showing love (and respect to another) by turning off a cell phone or restricting their personal use when it was known to be disruptive to another patron. Phone use is out of control – . Show respect and love to those around you. And the one who asked. Love. Show love to the young man being so disrespectful. Participate. If you can’t win, join them. There are so many other things you could have done instead of shredding the lives of each your families.

At a gas pump a young man expressing his joy in life with music. He’s young. He’s alive. He’s full of passion. It could have been my son who plays his music in the car way too loud. Love this young man-remember when you were young and your elders could not believe the lengths you would go to love life. Young men and women love your elders, remember to show respect and be aware of how your actions affect other people.

Every day we have a choice. The Lord views the sin of judgment as harshly as he sees every other sin. We are equal in His eyes.

Love thy neighbor as thyself. Difficult in today’s political and socioeconomic environment. As for me and my house…

Lord I give you my heart

That’s the song that’s playing right now. It’s midnight and I’m on my way to dreamland, but this is in my heart right now, in this moment. God bless you all my friends. Eric is doing well. Work is slowing down a little and the landlord plowed without being asked. I have money in the bank, a roof over my head, 4 legged critters to share my day and a car that runs well. I am well blessed. All my love. Counting my blessings this quiet evening while I listen to the music, the sound of the keys striking the keyboard and one of the boy cats snoring, cuddled up to his buddy.

All is well with my soul. I love you.

Let It Rain – open the flood gates of heaven…

Photo Report: Still Room for Wild Horses in Wyoming’s Red Desert?

Gypsy Vanna:

This is a story that is heavy on my heart today.

Originally posted on Straight from the Horse's Heart:

Range Update by Carol Walker ~ Wild Horse Freedom Federation‘s Director of Field Documentation

“While the rest of us were snuggled up around the fireplace during the in-climate cold weather last week, WHFF’s Carol Walker was out in the Wyoming Desert attempting to make an assessment of the few remaining wild horses left in the Adobe Town HMA.  This is report one with several more to follow documenting not only the activities of the wildlife on the public lands but also what the humans are doing on it and to it…many thanks to WHFF Advisory Board member, James Klienert, for the day spent assisting and filming Carol.  Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.


Music by Opus Moon ~ “Wild Horse Anthology” available on iTunes

It has been almost 10 years since I first visited the wild horses in Adobe Town. Adobe Town Herd Area is almost 500,000 acres, set…

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Dream Last Night

Most of it has faded now but what remains is when I met you. Curious about all of the torn newspapers you had hidden in your cache, wrapping large bars of chocolate. The physical reaction to you was quivering and flowing through me, I could not remove my eyes and you responded. Dark haired, taller than I, brown hair, slim. I leaned into you, into safety and confidence. You surrounded me with promise and then left. Leaving me to carry on with only your memory. Happy. Confident. Missing some completing element.

You walked away from me.

Be blessed my friend.

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